Terms & Conditions

Let’s Keep Things Clear, Fair and Friendly!

Thank you for visiting Kohl’s and considering our offerings. We know legal documents can be dry, but clear terms of use ensure everything runs smoothly for our community. Please take a minute to review these guidelines for engaging with our platforms, products and services.

Our aim is to maintain an environment of transparency, integrity and positivity. By using Kohl’s, you agree to follow these community values and rules. Let’s keep things clear, fair and friendly!

1. Who We Are

Kohl’s is an innovation lab focused on creativity, emerging technology, organizational design thinking and skill development. Our offerings include digital products, consulting services, events and educational platforms.

Questions? Reach out anytime at info@kohls.onl. We’re always happy to hear from you!

2. Using Our Digital Platforms

Accounts and Profiles

To access certain products and communities on our platform, you may need to create a user account or profile. To do so, you must provide a valid email address and other requested information. Please keep your details accurate and up-to-date.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of login credentials and all account activity. Please notify us immediately of any unauthorized access or breaches.

User profiles must represent a single individual. Impersonation or misrepresentation is prohibited.

Content You Share

Content you post on Kohl’s platforms remains your property, but you grant us license to share or promote this content across our ecosystem. Avoid sharing illegal, dangerous or infringing materials.

You are responsible for the legality and appropriateness of everything you contribute. Content promoting discrimination, violence or falsehoods is not permitted.

Digital Products

Access to certain Kohl’s products or communities may require purchase of a subscription or one-time license. Details will be provided before purchase.

We aim for 99% uptime on our digital products but cannot guarantee uninterrupted access. Planned maintenance or unforeseen technical issues may occasionally disrupt service.

User Feedback

We welcome feedback on our offerings! Any suggestions or ideas you share may be used to improve Kohl’s without compensation, but we will never publicly credit feedback without your permission.

3. In-Person Events

For select educational programs, consulting engagements and other events, Kohl’s may interact with you in person. We aim to provide stellar experiences at all touchpoints.

Event Details

Event dates, locations and other specifics are subject to change. We will make reasonable efforts to communicate any alterations, but cannot guarantee notice in all cases.

Participant Conduct

We want our events to be rewarding, respectful experiences for all. Discrimination or harassment in any form is not tolerated. Dangerous, disruptive or dishonest behavior may result in removal or bans from future participation.

Personal Belongings

Kohl’s is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to participants’ personal property at our events. Travel and accommodations for events are your responsibility unless otherwise noted.

Recordings and Photos

We may photograph, video or audio record parts of our events for promotional purposes. Let us know if you would prefer not to be included.

4. Consulting and Services

Kohl’s offers customized innovation consulting, design sprints, training programs and related services. Scope and pricing are tailored to each engagement.

Proposals and Statements of Work

For consulting engagements, we will collaboratively create a proposal or statement of work detailing the project scope, timeline and pricing. This serves as our agreement.

Proposed timelines are estimates only. billable hours and rates Will be clearly specified. Any additional costs require client approval.


Details of consulting engagements including client data are kept strictly confidential. We will not share or publicize this information without explicit consent.

Quality and Outcomes

We stand behind our services fully and aim for outstanding results on every engagement. However, specific outcomes are never guaranteed.

5. Educational Programs

Kohl’s offers online courses, bootcamps, certifications and other educational programs focused on design, technology, business strategy and professional growth.

Pricing and Access

Program fees must be paid in full before access is granted. Once purchased, most online programs are accessible for one year unless otherwise noted.

Certain intensive programs like bootcamps require application and acceptance before registration. Program graduates earn a Certificate of Completion.

Program Cancellation

We strive to avoid canceling programs, but must reserve the right in case of unforeseen circumstances or inadequate enrollment. Refunds or account credits will be offered if this occurs.

Intellectual Property

All Kohl’s educational content and materials is copyrighted intellectual property. Sharing beyond what is allowed specifically in the program is strictly prohibited and may violate copyright laws.

6. Our Community Rules

Kohl’s aims to maintain a community rooted in creativity, learning and professional growth. We value diverse perspectives united by shared values of integrity, innovation and inclusivity. Please help us preserve this by following these basic guidelines.

Respect Others

Dialogue with compassion. Harassment, hate speech, personal attacks and discrimination are never permitted. Report concerning behaviors to us immediately.

Share Truthfully

Provide accurate information in your profiles, contributions and interactions. Deliberate misinformation is prohibited. Disclose conflicts of interest.

Protect Privacy

Never share others’ private details or intellectual property without consent. Clearly disclose prior to recording any individual.

Follow the Law

Abide by all applicable laws and regulations. Do not share prohibited content or materials. Refrain from illegal uses of our platforms or services.

Credit Accurately

Be honest about sources. Plagiarism is prohibited. Follow fair use guidelines for referencing or sharing others’ work.

7. Purchases and Payments

If you elect to purchase a Kohl’s product or service, these terms apply:


All listed prices and fees are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise noted. We reserve the right to adjust pricing at any time with reasonable notice.

Payment Processing

Payments are securely processed through trusted third-party providers. Kohl’s does not directly collect or store payment details.


Published prices do not include applicable sales tax, VAT or other transactional taxes which are added at checkout where required.

Refund Policy

Most purchases are non-refundable due to the instant-access digital nature of our products and services. However, refund requests within 14 days of transaction may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

8. Limitations of Liability

Kohl’s strives to provide valuable offerings but is not liable for any specific outcomes. Our maximum liability is limited to the amount paid to Kohl’s under any circumstance.

9. Changes to These Terms

We may occasionally update these terms to reflect changes in our offerings, user feedback and evolving legal and regulatory guidance. Updated terms will be published here. Continued use of Kohl’s after changes signifies agreement.

Contact Us!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns about these terms. We are always happy to clarify or discuss as partners in this community. Let’s keep fostering creativity and innovation!